About Us

Welcome to Artifix Picture Hanging Services

We are Sydney’s Premier Picture Rail Supplier & Installer and offer a Professional Picture Hanging Service.

We specialise in picture hanging and have sourced the world’s best picture hanging systems to give you the flexibility to move your artworks at will without damaging your walls. Hanging systems range from the traditional wooden picture rail to modern aluminium rails no wider than your finger. These are unobtrusive, functional and can be powder coated or painted to match your wall or ceiling colour. The hangers can be in clear nylon or stainless steel. Adjusting and moving your artworks has never been easier.

Our experience has shown that the Locator System is the best wall mounted system – to purchase click here.

If you have a particular system in mind, just ask! We will install them all.

ARTIFIX works closely with Framers, Conservators, Curators, Galleries and Private Collectors to provide the best hanging solutions, whether that be hanging artworks directly to the wall or using hanging systems.

ARTIFIX is the picture rail installer of choice for most picture hangers in Sydney.

andrew-dogARTIFIX was founded by Andrew Fane.

Andrew has 3 decades of experience in the art and maintenance worlds and combined both to form ARTIFIX a specialist art hanging service dedicated to making life easier for art collectors, enthusiasts and professionals.

Andrew graduated from the London Institute’s Camberwell School of Art after 4 years with a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Paper Conservation.

He subsequently worked at the State Library of NSW, the National Maritime Museum and was proprietor of Andrew Fane Conservation in England for 10 years before moving to Australia permanently.

Clients have and do include: Reg Grundy, several large West End of London & Sydney Galleries, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, IAG, Aldi Stores, and many private collectors.

What our clients are saying

  • "The picture rails Andrew installed are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. Thanks also for such a clean and tidy installation process. It's like they were always here and there is no further cleanup to do."
  • "Having picture rails has changed the way we think about decorating our home. Now we can move artwork from room to room on a whim – with no patch-work repairs. Thanks Andrew."
    Henry H.
  • "We had Andrew install picture rails in our rental apartment, so the tenants don't go banging hooks into the walls. What a great investment!"
    Kara G.
  • "Andrew was amazing - I will be telling everone about him. Thrilled with everything he did- A FIRST CLASS JOB."
  • "The picture hanging products that Andrew offers are the best on the market – by far! We bought the stainless steel rails thinking we would paint them to match the walls, but they looked so good we've left them as is. Everybody comments on what a great system they are."
    Amanda M.
  • "We had Andrew install the picture rails in every room of our newly renovated home. Even the kids are getting creative with how they display their pictures. No mess, no fuss."
    Roger L.